SPLC 2015

The 19th International Software Product Line Conference:
New Directions in Systems and Software Product Line Engineering

July 20-24, Nashville, TN USA.

About the International Software Product Line Conference

Chart US Dollar to Canadian Dollar SPLC, The Software Product Line Conference, is the premier forum for practitioners, researchers and educators to present and discuss the most recent ideas, innovations, trends, experiences, and concerns in the area of software product lines, software product family engineering and, more in general, systems family engineering.
Real-world problems
Mobile devices, such as Android, have thousands of product variations that need to be managed.
SPLC looks back on a history of a successful exchange of ideas and cooperation among product line practitioners and researchers on product line techniques, methods, and tools. This has led to innovative research ideas and successful industrial product lines.

Hosted in the Music City

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General technical tracks

Research Papers

chart New Zealand Dollar - US Dollar High quality research work that uses established scientific methodologies, written using high standards of academic technical publications.


Industry Papers

Challenges, innovations and solutions to concrete industrial applications of software and product line engineering tools and methodologies. These papers should have a significant software component to the research (see the Systems Engineering track otherwise).


Vision Papers

Papers that reach out to new communities around product lines, explore unusual interdisciplinary research, synergies with other fields, or present disruptive innovations. These papers should not be traditional SPLC research papers in a shorter form.


Systems Engineering Papers

This track is for papers, either research-oriented or industry-oriented, that are explicitly aimed at product lines residing primarily in the systems engineering realm. Specifically, this track is for papers addressing product line engineering where the focus is not software but rather other system engineering aspects (testing, operations, portfolio management, manufacturing, etc.) and/or concerns across the whole organization. Industry or research papers focusing on software product lines should be submitted to the traditional industry and research tracks.


Specialized tracks


USD/CHF Applications and systems that show specific technologies in action, live.


Doctoral Symposium

Doctoral proposals, both early- and mid-phase, to be reviewed and commented on by a panel of experts.



Practical trainings for conference participants to expand their product line knowledge and skills.



SPLC is now accepting proposals for innovative, well-focused workshops on a broad spectrum of topics related to software product lines, systems engineering, the application of product lines to new domains, product line experiences, variability and configuration management, and other related topics.


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General Chair

Douglas C. Schmidt

Research Chairs

Goetz Botterweck
Jules White

Industry Chairs

Danilo Beuche
Bala Natarajan

Workshop Chairs

Jose Galindo
Iris Groher

Systems Engineering Chairs

Paul Clements
Charlie Krueger

Vision Chairs

Danny Weyns
David C. Sharp

Tutorial Chair

James Hill

Demonstrations and Tools Chair

Abhishek Dubey

Doctoral Symposium Chairs

Aniruddha Gokhale
John McGregor

Hall of Fame Chair

Kentaro Yoshimura

Publicity Chairs

Kyo Kang
Tomoji Kishi
Yu Sun

Web Chair

Fangzhou Sun

Steering Committee Members

Eduardo Almeida , Federal University of Bahia, Brazil

Alessandro Fantechi , Università di Firenze, Italy

Stefania Gnesi , ISTI-CNR, Italy

Tomoji Kishi , Waseda University, Japan

John McGregor , SEI/Clemson University, USA (Advisor)

Klaus Schmid , University of Hildesheim, Germany (Chair)

Douglas Schmidt , Vanderbilt University, USA

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SPLC will be hosted in the Music City Center, Nashville's new convention center with the world's largest mobile indoor navigation system using iBeacons.

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